A Review of PES 2019 for PC

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Are you going to purchase PES 2019 PC but trying to find any information about the game so you would not regret downloading it? Well, this article is the thing you definitely need because it contains several things that you can find inside the game. By the way, if you were searching for any games to download, then the article will provide you the review which makes you either want to download the game or not. Here is the review coming, make sure that you read it to the end!

The game

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 is released by Konami and available to download since August 28, 2019. The game is a football simulation, which means the gameplay it provides is revolved around a certain sport, which is football. The game has received favorable reviews on PS4 (81), however, it fares less well in PC, which received a score of 68 of 100.

The Gameplay

Every year it is released, PES always gives us a solid gameplay everybody loves. However, the gameplay offered by every series of PES is somewhat pretty consistent, but not in a good way. Although it is solid, the gameplay has never shown a sign of progression. If there is any, the progress is negligible since it is hardly noticeable. Although the ball physics have been improved and Master League has become better, but that’s all.

AI for PES 2019 PC has shown no significant changes either. When playing in single player mode, you will notice that the strategy and tactics used by the AI are significantly dull and monotonous. It only focuses to perform low crosses to break your defense and trying to make the match as long as possible. The friendly AI is also disappointing because it often fails to get a proper positioning, despite that Konami has stated that positioning has been improved in this game.

Thankfully, online multiplayer has become better this year, the options it offered are various and pleasing to new and experienced players alike. A wide selection of players that can be purchased with real money is very tempting as well.

The Graphics

You might want to download the game because it offers outstanding graphics with Fox Engine. Yes, the graphics shines in this game thanks to its sharp details offered by its engine. This part is one of the redeeming factors that PES has. The celebrations from every player are performed beautifully. Well, have you decided to download PES 2019 PC?

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