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If you are curious about things regarding FIFA 19, including FIFA 19 platform, then this article will provide everything that will satiate your curiosity for any information about the game! FIFA series have always become excellent and unforgettable games to play. Every year, EA always managed to bring outstanding features and graphics in the games, and FIFA 18 is no exception. FIFA 18 was an awesome and satisfying game to play, it is so good it makes itself difficult to replace. Well, will FIFA 19 be able to offer an update to be a better game compared to its predecessor? What are the things you need to know about the upcoming game?


This year, EA is going to release a new FIFA game, and they promise to give you groundbreaking innovations and updates in the game. Sometimes, it could be hard to constantly release a new game annually with new features embedded in it, but EA has always managed to do it anyway with FIFA.

It is rumored that FIFA 19 will feature a new game feature which allows you to play a custom match without any solid rules to follow, or playing with House Rules. It is rather a weird addition to FIFA series since it is always known to provide authentic rules for playing football. However, playing football using normal rules can be boring if it is played for some time, especially when playing offline. So, the addition of this mode can provide more you a new experience in playing, and maybe, it can be used as a method to relieve stress!

Oh yeah, about FIFA 19 platform, the game will be released on eighth-generation consoles worldwide, which are PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Origin for PC, and most surprisingly, it will also be released on Nintendo Switch! While the quality of the first three platforms will be undoubtedly high, it is still unknown how good the Switch version will be.


One of the major improvements of FIFA is that it will allow you to play Champions and Europa League, thanks to UEFA license FIFA 19 currently has. That’s right, although the license used to be in Konami’s hands, EA has successfully secured it this year, making Pro Evolution Soccer players no longer able to enjoy Champions and Europa League this year. But now, FIFA players can taste the two matches in FIFA 19! FIFA 19 platform will be released on September 28, 2019.

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