Finding a Victor between FIFA 19 vs PES 2019

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Gamers and e-sports athletes have been debating about FIFA 19 vs PES 2019 for quite a while, but who is the true winner in this?, PES was firstly released in 1995 under the name Winning Eleven and FIFA in 1995. Both games offer mesmerizing features in several aspects and they have been competing to attract players and be the only best football game ever. Well, everyone should have been aware that the two games are the highest and the most well-received football games around the world, but which one actually manages to trump over another in this long-heated rivalry? Let’s compare them in several aspects!


To compare the graphics, it is worth noting that both games utilize different game engines owned by the respective companies. EA, as the developer and publisher for FIFA 19, uses Frostbite 3 Engine to display its cutting-edge graphics. On the other hand, Konami equips Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 with the latest version Fox Engine to provide the sharpest detail. If we compare the graphics face-to-face, then FIFA 19 wins at a slight margin, thanks to its better graphics when broadcasting.


Let’s compare FIFA 19 vs PES 2019 in terms of gameplay. PES brings an in-depth gameplay with its Become a Legend feature (a feature which allows you to create your own character and play an RPG-like story), and also, the Master League which gives you the ability as the manager of a team, not to mention the fact that PES has a more challenging gameplay. Sounds like PES have the edge on this, right? Not really, FIFA 19 still beats PES’ gameplay thanks to its The Journey mode (a mode similar to Become a Legend) and its career mode, which make FIFA still the best compared to PES. Although FIFA has a reputation as a game which has an easier gameplay, that reputation is now a dusty past since FIFA has managed to keep up with PES. Also, since FIFA has more clubs and players compared to PES, its gameplay value is also boosted significantly, thanks to this.


This is where FIFA beats PES without mercy. EA has taken a full license from the FIFA, which gives them the access to display every single one clubs on Earth, including the famous UEFA Champions and Europa League. To play and experience those two leagues, you can only gain it by playing FIFA 19.

It is still unclear why a top-notch company such as Konami has not managed to secure a full license of FIFA. PES only gives you some of the major clubs from Turkey, Russia, Portugal, Scotland, Belgium, and Russia, as well as some high-end clubs such as Arsenal, F.C. Barcelona, and A.C. Milan. The competitions available are not interesting enough compared to FIFA. Well, in terms of FIFA 19 vs PES 2019, which one would you buy?

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