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Grand theft auto vice city is a popular adventure game action that released by Play Station in 2002, Microsoft Windows in 2003 and 2003 for Xbox.  Grand theft auto vice city is the sequel from GTA 3.

Pros and Cons of grand theft auto vice city

Pros: the game has realistic and detailed rather than GTA 3. It has a great line of the game story. There is a wide range of missions to complete. There is a nice soundtrack to accompany you when playing the game.

Cons: the graphics looks are out of dated

Play Grand theft auto vice city

The Grand Theft Auto Vice City background is in 1980, where it is an era of the neon art style of Miami, the sandbox action-adventure game. The main character was released from the prison. There are various plot lines available to choose and side missions to complete.

To unlock the final missions that need to complete in the storyline, the player needs to buy at least 6 property assets, one of it is should be print works, and complete the missions entirely. There are several tips and tricks that you can search to complete the missions.

Game tips for GTA vice city

•    Places to stay: there are many welcoming hotels available in the game. Our recommendation hotel is Ocean View hotel which discreet and comfortable. This is the good place to stay when first arrive.

•    Money: take always a lot of cash is good things. You will need it as you will spend money in the Vice city. Never bring too many cars, cloth, places or mansions to hide out.

•    Safety: always bring weapons with you. You allowed bringing only one weapon and packing each weapon each type at a time. Replace the current weapon selection by roll the mouse wheel with the new one or extra ammo.

•    Ammu-nation: this is the best place to get the exercise to carry a lethal weapon. Ammu-Nation sells different weapons and this will unlock as you complete your mission. Therefore, it is important for you to follow the game’s storyline.

•    Phil’s place: if you are looking for a heavy duty weapon, this is the right place.

Noticeable things for parents that allow this game to play by their kids are the features. The game featured with violence manner, for example, drug uses foul language, and others. Children that play this game will know how to steal cars, having sex, and drug uses. A parent should know that the game rating is referring to the adult game genre so this is not suitable for children to play the grand theft auto vice city.

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