64+ Inspiring Mobile Home Design Ideas

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Mobile home design ideas can be gotten by applying some features. You can learn some design considerations below to overcome the features and make your mobile home as a wonderful space to stay in.

The Ceiling Heights

Mobile homes are made with different ceiling heights; about 6 feet for the foyers and hallways, whilst 7 feet for the living areas and also the bathrooms. The ceiling heights are adequate for the people to standing, but the furnishings should be chosen in shorter and smaller ones so that the rooms will look more spacious. Follow some decorating tricks below to overcome this challenge;

  • Extend the wall color to the ceiling in about 1-2 feet so you create an optical illusion of higher ceilings.

  • Apply cool color tones that will make the rooms look larger too.

  • Choose lower and longer furnishings so it will not draw up to the ceiling and makes the rooms look even smaller.

The Limited Spaces

Mobile home design ideas should follow the room dimensions. Most of them have longer rooms rather than the width. The home also looks cramped with narrow hallways. To make the space visually wider, some tricks below may help.

  • Create an accent wall by painting it with warm color, whilst the other three walls are painted in cool colors. You will get more balanced look inside the room with visual contract.

  • Install the floors diagonally to draw the lines diagonally so the room looks visually larger and wider.

  • Put the furniture based on the wall size; long couch or table beside the longer wall. Meanwhile, place an end table or arch chair beside the shorter wall to create larger appearance.

  • Make the space usage better by arranging the furnishings into clusters.

Basic Kitchens and Bathrooms

Most mobile homes have the same basic designs for the kitchens and bathrooms. You can make it more personal without having too many renovation works. You can make it by applying some cosmetic updates so the space look is changing.

  • Make shelves by removing the kitchen cabinets’ upper doors and then paint the walls behind the shelves with repeated pattern. It will make the area as interesting space, the look bigger kitchen and showed off dishes.

  • For the countertops, apply faux stone paint with glossy polyurethane sealing. The real stone look is not expensive or weighed.

  • Choose subway tiles for the backsplash with a few decorative tiles in the edge of the kitchen so the kitchen looks larger.

  • Choose wall sink with roll-away cart under it to save the space in bathroom. Then hang a cabinet above the toilet for bathroom supplies storage.

Those are the ideas to design the limited space. If the windows are very small, apply long curtains to make longer accent to the windows and the whole mobile home design ideas.

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