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The monster hunter world steam helps the gamer for some problem in previous versions. The Monster Hunter: the world is the biggest game from Japanese in Steam ever. Since it has been launched in August, the downloader game reaches the hit number. Monster Hunter: World becomes 4 of the most popular games on Steam, after PUBG, DOta2, and Counter-Strike.

Pros and cons of Monster Hunter: World PC Steam versions

The Monster Hunter: World of PC version has solid performance and in some factors, it has better experience rather than console versions does. The games in PC versions offer rig for supporting the game. There are some extra configurations that you can expect from the game. However, there is a key in PC version that missing; ultra wide support. The game also does not feel well optimized such as in console version.

Review in Monster Hunter: World Steam

Monster Hunter: World has become the best game for far. The monster hunter world steam PC version gives the strong improvement in the game performance. However, this game look does not better in resolutions, effects, and assets. The bugs and graphics issues just a little overwhelming but additional depth setting can help for mid-range PC gaming.

Monster hunter world steam guide for beginner

If you are a beginner to play Monster Hunter: World this guide can help you to complete the game and win. The combat in Monster Hunter: World is deep, full of mysterious things, upgraded items, trees, and abilities to discover.

•    Starter weapons: when start Monster Hunter: World, choose the weapons can be overwhelming with 14 weapons to choose from. There are few options that suit for a beginner. Dual Blades us best option if you never play this game before.

•    Monster Hunter World weapon tree. Actually, this feature is easier than it looks like. The weapon tree is kinds of resources that you need to upgrade your weapons such as bone, crystal, ores and many more.

•    Best armor. When first creating a character, you will need to choose between armor of leather and chainmail. These armor choices define by the elemental resistance that both offer. The leather one reduces the damage from fire and chainmail is from the water. it is worthy to check armor that you wear if you have trouble in a beat certain monster to check is the armor is susceptible with the type of damage resulted.

•    Use a training room for practice. The best part from monster hunter world steam is the training room. You can practice with the weapon, use for attack and fight.

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