Things You Need to Know When Playing as Android 18 in Dragon Ball FighterZ

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There are some things you need to know to play as Dragon Ball FighterZ Android 18. Well, the game has many characters that are playable, and this one is one of them. Android 18 is somewhat a unique character because it is actually a fairly easy character to play, but in order to master her you will find out that it requires a high level of skills to do so. Well, if you are curious to know what the things to know in order to play Android 18 properly, the best thing to do is to stay around and read this article!

Android 18 Pros and Cons

In the manga and anime, Android 18 is a character who is described as a beautiful, slender, and blonde woman who is actually not a human but an android. As an android, she possesses tremendous power and able to prove herself to be a more than a match against the Saiyans. Just like in the manga and anime, she is also a powerhouse in the game, although her character also possesses several traits, either as advantages and disadvantages.  With her pros and cons, you will need to use your brain in order to play as her effectively.

·         Pros

As a Vortex character, it is not surprising that Dragon Ball FighterZ Android 18 has outstanding Okizeme, which means, her counterattack when knocked down is very strong. Also, her light attack combo is severely frustrating for her enemies to retaliate. Besides, there is another thing that makes her tough to beat, which is her decent special moves which are able to execute both during on the ground and when she is in mid-air. Also, she can cover up, neutral, and back without any special effort.

·         Cons

What makes Android 18 difficult to master is that her attack range is considered mediocre compared to other characters. Besides, she is also unable to finish a game quickly due to her relatively low damage. Besides, she has no reversal except her level 3.

Tips to play

Android 18 is best used as a character to gather meters since her flurry of combos enable her to do it easily. After finished gathering meters, you should switch to your character that is more powerful. Do not expect to end a match quickly with her because is not designed to do so. If necessary, build a team of three characters to maximize the meter-gathering potential possessed by Dragon Ball FighterZ Android

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