Why You Should Start Playing Player Unknown’s Battle Royale

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Player Unknown Battle Royale (PUBG) is an online game which genre is marketed as a multiplayer battle royale. The game was released on December 20, 2017, which makes the game to be almost one year. However, the game still has many players, at least 40 million players playing PUBG monthly, and is still considered as hype, regardless of the game’s age. Well, what makes the game to enjoy such popularity? What are the reasons that make you should start playing the game? Let’s check them out and be sure to read this article to the bottom!

  1. PUBG forces you to “git gud”

The first reason why it is good and why should try it is because it is very brutal in terms of gameplay difficulties. The game gives you so many options to die, either in a funny way or a tragic way. You are thrown out with nothing except your own body in the middle of nowhere, then, you will need to look for equipment and weapons to ensure that you can survive and spends minutes to obtain them, but suddenly you are killed by a random camper who is armed with a sniper rifle, or instead, you got punched to death by a pro player. The game is immensely brutal and forces you to “git gud” (get good), or die trying to be. The brutality is somehow extremely addictive because it makes you have a desire to get better in order to enjoy the game even more!

  1. PUBG has outstanding graphics

The next reason why Player Unknown Battle Royale is worth playing is that it has awesome graphics which will charm your eyes to play it longer. Bluehole, Inc., the company which creates PUBG, uses Unreal Engine 4 to create the game. As a result, the game’s graphics are very high in detail of every aspect, including particles and atmosphere.

  1. PUBG offers a wide range of playing style

Whether you decide to be an explorer, a gun-blazing Rambo, a silent sniper, or a furious driver, PUBG will always find a place in your heart, thanks to its wide style of playing it offers. That’s true, with the number of guns and vehicles, you can be anything you want to earn the “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!”. The guns have realistic properties and the vehicles are effective to be a mean of travel across the map of Player Unknown Battle Royale.

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